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   Aino Minako is Sailor Venus. Her name means "Surrounded by Beauty of Love".

   Minako has the most open personality. She can be friendly to everyone,and will show genuine concern for the spiritual well being of anyone else, especially Serena. In order to help make friends, she often tries to use the playful (non-mischievous) approach in becomingfriendly.

   She can be really helpful, but at times it is very dangerous.For example, the one episode where all the scouts, except for her, are sick and she tries to nurse them back to health. Unfortuantely, this doesn't work too well. Either things blow up, the food is too hot, or she makes a hole in a window with a thermometer. You have to see the episode, it is really funny.

    Sailor Venus is somewhat special in the Sailor Senshi story line. In the translation, Sailor V is mistakenly referred to as Sailor Venus in an episode. Actually, Sailor V is Sailor Venus, only she gets publicly known as Sailor V. Remember, she had her cool glasses when she first appeared.

    In battle, she can be fairly deadly. Her attacks are not as powerful as the other Senshi's, but her power comes from within. If the battle looks lost, she will not give up and encourage the other Senshi's to keep fighting. She fights from within the heart.

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Birthday: October 22, 1978
Astrological Sign:
Blood Type:
Favorite color:
yellow and red
chasing after idols
Favorite food:
Gyouza, Ramen, and Curry Rice
Least favorite food:
Shiitake mushrooms
Favorite Gem Stone:
Favorite subject:
Physical Education
Least favorite subject:
everything else
Has trouble with:
mama & the police
Strong points:
playing (rest & relaxation)
being an idol

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Venus Crescent Beam Smash:
She points to above her head and a slight crescent moon shape and some bubbles come to her index finger.  Next she brings down her hand and points at the enemy and says, "Venus Crescent Beam....Smash!".  The massive energy beam busts forth from her finger and is directly missiled to the enemy..
Venus Meteor Shower/Crescent Beam Shower :
Mina says this to create several small meteoroids which can be used to encircle an opponent. I am not exactly too sure how she does this though. :o( I hope to find more info about it.  I believe that this attack is rarely used.
Venus Love Chain Encircle/Venus Love Me Chain:
She says this to generate a chain of energy in the shape of hearts. First she waves her hand above her head (her hand is in the shape of the sign language meaning "I love you"). A chain of hearts circle around her then she thrust out her arm and the chain crashes towards the enemy.   She can use this to trap an enemy within the confines of the chain.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock:

This is Super Sailor Venus' attack.  Basically she puts her lips to her mouth as if she is going to blow a kiss. She kisses her hand and a heart forms on her hand.  She then winks and says "Love, Beauty Shock!" and thrusts her hand forward and the heart (in a circling, twirling motion) goes towards the enemy.