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    Well, I would say that Haruka is one of the most powerful Senshi.  She fights with vengence and her world shaking power is not to be trifled with.  She is the carrier of the Space Sword, one of the 3 talisman needed to form the Holy Grail.She later uses her Space Sword to generate one of her most powerful attacks. 
    When she first appears with Michiru (Sailor Neptune) she looks like a boy, but she's a girl. The really funny thing about this is that Serena and Mina had crushes on her, and Haruka had to confess and tell them that she is a girl.  Of course, she had to keep teasing Serena and Mina about it.
    Anyway, in the Japanese series, her and Michiru are lovers .  Their relationship is very tight and they support each other with each decision the other half makes.  They love each other so much that they would die for the other.  They both go to the same school, and you never see them apart.  When you see one, you will most likely see the other.
    One of the things I have noticed about Haruka is that she is always driving a sports car.   I guess it goes with her hobby of racing cars.  Actually, Haruka is a professional car racer.    What I wonder is when she is speeding down the public road, does she get speeding tickets? :o)

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Name: Ten'ou Haruka
N. American Name: N/A
Birthday: January 27
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Gemstone: Amber
Hobby: Driving, track and field
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: Nattou
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Japanese
Has Trouble With: Confessing
Strong Point: Racing
Dream: To be a racer

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World Shaking:
This a powerful attack.   It's kinda hard to describe but I will try my best.  She puts her hand up in the air yells "World" and at the same time she yells "World" a yellow-orange ball with a ring around it gathers at her hand.   Then she yells "Shaking" and then smashes the ball to the ground and the ball runs along the ground making a mess and hurls towards the enemy, and then the enemy starts shaking and boom! the enemy is toast.  That's about as good as a description I can write.   You have to see it, it's really cool.
Space Sword Blaster:  
This is a simple attack. Basically, she holds a hand up in the air and says "Space Sword" and her space sword, which contains a talisman, forms above her stretched hand.  She grabs the sword, shouts "blaster!" and swings it towards the enemey.  A crescent moon shaped beam hurls towards the enemy.  This beam can cut through anything.  The sword is actually a scimitar.