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    Well, what can I say?? Sailormoon is my favorite Senshi! You know why? In my opinion, I think she is the most powerful Senshi of all. She is the leader, so of course she is the most powerful.

   I also like her because she is funny, romantic,  pretty clutzy, and a bubbly, out-going, friendly and caring person.   I think it's pretty funny when she starts bawling over something pretty small, like food going to waste, or her best friend, Rei, teases   her.

    There's a pretty long story line about her, but I will be as short as possible.  Basically, she's the Moon Princess that  defeats Queen Beryl (a villianess from the black moon).   She's just Sailormoon in this season.  The next season, she transforms into Super Sailormoon.  The third season (or so, not exactly sure on this) she becomes Eternal Sailormoon and once again, defeats the villans.  Now that is a VERY short version of her life story.  I don't want to get into too many details because it would take pages, and I am hoping to add a section about the series in the future anyway. 

    Below is her basic info (Japenese name, likes, etc.), and a list of her attacks.

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Name: Usagi Tsukino
North American Name:
June 30
Blood Type:
Astrological Sign:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Gemstone:
Eating, Reading Comic Books, Hanging with her Friends
Favorite Food:
Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite Subject:
Home Economics
Least Favorite Subject:
Everything else
Has Trouble With:
Dentists, ghosts
Strong Point:
Being a true friend
To be a bride

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Moon Tiara Magic:
Sailor Moon's attack throwing her tiara like a frisbee. First she takes off her tiara and this white ball disk appear floating above her hand.  She she turns in a fashionable cirle and says "Moon Tira Magic!" Then she throws it like a frisbee.The scouts can also add their attacks onto the tiara to give it more power and more effect on the enemy.  The enemy turns into ashes once the tiara hits and the ashes twinkle to the ground.
Moon Healing Activation:
Sailor Moon's attack using her Crescent Moon Wand  to heal people.  I saw it used most when the people who held parts of the Imperium Silver Crystal in their bodies and became possessed by a monster of some sort.   Sailormoon tried to use it to heal Mamoru when he was brainwashed by Queen Beryl.
Moon Scepter Elimination:
Sailor Moon's attack using her Moon Scepter to destroy enemies.
Moon Princess Escalation:
Sailor Moon's attack using the Moon Rod.
It's not one of the most impressive attacks I have seen, but it still destroys the enemies. What's different about it that a large, magical, crescent moon shaped articles circles towards the enemy being followed by other particles of magic.  When it hits the enemy, a large crescent moon shape is seen on the enemy and the enemy turns to dust.
Moon Spiral Heart Attack:
Sailor Moon's attack using the Spiral Heart Rod.  
Now this is a cool attack, in my opinion.  Basically she lifts the rod above her head to let some sort of power come within the rod, then she just starts twirling the rod like  a baton while circling around(like a cheereleader would). She stops, then says "Moon Heart Attack", then starts to twirl around in fast circle, first standing, then squatting  with one arm above her head holding the rodA stream of hearts burst from the top of the rod and crash towards the enemy.  A large herat appears to have taken the enemy in its grasp and then it breaks, causing the enemy to dissappear.
Rainbow Moon HeartAche:
This is one of my favorite attacks because it looks neat. Super Sailor Moon's attack using the Spiral Moon Heart Rod. It's more powerful than the Spiral heart Attack and is the same attack except the enemy is first sweeped with a rainbow, then the heart takes the enemy down.
Moon Gorgeous Meditiation:
Super Sailor Moon's attack using the Kaleid Moon Scope
This is another one of my favorite attacks.  I have seen this attack used with Chibi Usa's Twinkle Yell, to power up the Kaleid Scope.  Anyway, the scope stremas forth crytalline particles at the enemy, like a kaleida scope.  I think then the particles gather to form two walls to block the enemy and then the enemy is captured into the two-mirrored walls and is destroyed.
Eternal Honeymoon Therapy Kiss:
Eternal Sailor Moon's attack using the Eternal Tiers.  Once again, the weapon is twirled , except for it twirls by itself in front of her hand then once Eternal Sailormoon is down circling around, she grabs the weapon, then as she is circling once again, says "Eternal Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" and ends with the Eternal Tiers held above her head with her two arms.   Light bursts forth and crushes towards the enemy. I have no idea what happens next as I have not seen the full version of this attack
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss:
Eternal Sailor Moon's attack using the Moon Power Tier.