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Romanticism in Sailormoon

   Here is my commentary on the romanticism displayed in the series.  Romanticism not only deals with the relationship between a man and a woman, but also with fanciful ideas and imagination. 

    First I will deal with the relationship part.  At the beginning of the Series, Serena (Usagi) accidentally runs into Darien (Mamoru).  This is where their relationship starts.  Darien teases her a lot and calls her "meatball head" (in the English Series anyway).  What they both don't know at this point is that it is their destiny to be together.

    At first, Serena has no clue Tuxedo Mask's (Tuxedo Carmen) true identity and falls madly in love with him.  Meanwhile the rest of us discover that Tuxedo Mask is Darien.  These are the times where you can tell that they are beginning to develop a relationship, though it's mostly Darien that drives Serena nuts with his teasing.

    To make a long story short, they soon discover their true identities and fall in love.  Of course, their love for each other had been growing ever so slightly up to this point.  Now all of the scouts know that Darien is off limits.

    The couple, of course, go through their rough times together, but are still able to hang on to each other.  There was a point when Darien was brain washed by the evil Queen Beryl (English Series not sure if it happens in Japanese series) and turned against the Scouts.  This is a very hard time for Serena.  She cannot believe that her own love would turn against her.  She almost gives up, but her best friend, Rei (Sailor Mars) comforts her and encourages her to keep trying.   Eventually, Darien is restored and their relationship renews once again.

    All through out the series you can see the love and bond between Usagi and Mamoru.  They are each others biggest support.   They would die to protect the other.  I have seen Darien being over protective at times, but that is the way a guy is when he is in love.  Anyway, they are the perfect example as to   what a couple is truly like.

    Another couple I will briefly touch upon is the relationship between Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Haruka (Sailor Uranus).  I don't think the English version gets this far, but the Japanese series displays this relationship as a lesbian couple.  However, it may not seem that way at first because Haruka dresses in a boy uniform, but she is actually a girl.  Anyway, their relationship is also like Serena and Darien's but I don't think they go through as much trouble.  Not that I have seen anyway.

    So, in this relationship you can say that Haurka plays the guy and Michiru plays the girl.  You never see these two apart and are always supporting one another's decision.  Each would die for the other and both have come close to dieing by protecting the other.  I am not sure if the Japanese series focuses their relationship as much as Serena's and Darien's.  The point is is that the series displays romaticism in this way.

    I will now discuss how the series display romaticism in the fanciful, imaginative way.  I may come across as criticizing the series.  I tell you now that I am not criticizing the show, I am just showing the series to you on a deeper level.   This series is my favorite after all. 

    The first thing I would like to mention is the fact that in every episode Usagi is the heroine and saves everyone, with the help of her friends.  I have nothing against this.  I am just pointing out the main character of the series always comes through, no matter what.  She could be beaten up severly, but is never seen in the hospital.   Usually after the big battle everything is okay and you don't see a bruise on her.  This is one example of the heroine being invincible.   You all know that in the real world, this is untrue.

    The second thing I would like to mention is that  everything always depends on the heroine.  The Scouts are a powerful group, but the heroine is the most powerful of them all.  Sometimes though, I think the Scouts  could easily take down the enemy without Usagi stepping in and doing her big attack.   Usually the enemy is tough for Usagi to beat just on her own, but the Scouts beat the enemy up for her and she finishes the enemy off. Usually, you hardly see the heroine attack the enemy first. 

    In the Japanese series, Sailor Neptune and Uranus do not believe that Usagi is the Moon Princess because they see her as weak and a cry baby.  They actually try to beat her up, and of course, Usagi makes them see that she is the Moon Princess.  Since that day, Neptune and Uranus have stood by her side.  Also, I believe that in the Japanese series they make Usagi more brave and more of a true heroine than in the English series.

    Anyway, I will point out one more example of the romanticism in this series and I will end my little commentary.

    I have seen the last episode of the series, bits and pieces anyway.   In this last moment of the series, all of the scouts die, except for the Sailor Stars, and Usagi is once again left to defeat the enemy all alone.  This time, however, the Scouts didn't even put a scratch on the enemy.  I am not going to go into deep detail on the episode because it would ruin it for those who haven't seen it.

    Usagi does not want to fight a fellow sailor scout.  This enemy was a scout from the future but turned evil.  However, she has no choice and fights the scout.  She injures the scout and is quit shocked at herself that she did such a thing.  Unfortunately, the enemy destroys the weapon, leaving the heroine weaponless.

    As usual, Usagi gives an awesome, heart-filling speech and turns into an angel (of course, she is naked).  This is her true form and she had felt that she cannot fight the scout, but encourage her to look deep inside herself and she will find happiness.

   Usagi reaches out to her, but the scout lashes out in anger.  For a just few minutes all you can hear is the painful screams coming from the heroine.  The heroine breaks through and once again reaches out to the scout.

    To make a long story short, you see bits and pieces of where you can see the evil scout's inner self awakening and reaching out with her hand so Usagi can rescue her.  This is very heart warming and breaking because in the end they hold hands and the evil scout is gone and is replaced by the scout's true form.

    All is well ends well.  Usagi somehow gets her friends and her love back, though they had died.  Very unrelastic, but romantic.  In this particular episode, the series displays the heroine as an angel of might and mercy.   You are left to think of how awesome of a person the heroine really is.

    So, in conclusion, the series is very much based on romanticism and if you are a romatic at heart, this is a series for you.  I hope you enjoyed my little commentary and have left you with a more deeper feel of the series.  If you have any suggesstions I can add to this commentary, just e-mail me, okay?