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   I would say that Sailor Neptune is the 3rd most powerful Senshi.  Her deep submerge is pretty powerful.   I think it would be safe to say that her attacks are like Mercury's (power of water), but more powerful.  Let's just say that that her deep submerge packs a nasty punch.
    Michiru is the lover of Haruka (Sailor Uranus).  She goes out of her way to protect Haruka, and sometimes puts herself in jeapordy because of it.  She loves Haruka deeply and would do anything to save her and protect her.  You never see Michiru and Haruka apart.
    Michiru loves playing her violin, and plays it quite nicely.  She hopes to become a professional violinist someday, and I am sure she will make it.   Besides studying, and practicing her violin she loves to go shopping.
    I am sorry to say that I don't know too much about her past etc.  I hope that once I see more episodes and read more manga, I will be able to give you more information. I really appologize to the Neptune fans.

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Name: Michiru Kaiou
March 6
Blood Type:
Astrological Sign:
Mugen Gakuen High (same as Haruka)
Favourite Subject:
Least Fav. Subject:
Favourite Colour:
Marine Blue
Favourtie Food:

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Deep Submerge:
This is a cool attack.  First you see a title wave (like you see in Hawii) splash and underneath Neptune is a pool of water.  It looks like the water then splits on both side of her and then gathers into a ball above her head where her hands meet it then she says "Deep.....Submerge". She thrusts her hand out and the ball of water sprews forth.  I think if you saw it, you would understand what I mean. 

Submarine Reflection:
This attack is used with one of the talisman inside of a mirror.  It's a very simplistic attack, but it gets good results.  First she brings the mirror to her chest, turns in a circle, thrusts  out the mirror and shouts "Submarine Reflection".  A large, wide ray of light bursts from the mirror and runs towards the enemy.