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       Sailor Mercury is the least powerful Senshi, but she is a genius, so when it comes to battle, her brain usually wins out more than her powers.  The scouts usually depend on her for analyzing the situation.

        She is a very sweet girl, and takes everything so seriously.  There really isn't a moment when you see her face out of a book.  I think she spends most of her time at the library, and in her room, studying. Usually, she is forced to have fun with the scouts, but then she really enjoys herself.  Personally, I don't think I could stand to study and read as much as she does. 

    All I know about her parents is that they are divorced and that her mother is doctor and her father is a painter.  I believe that we don't see a lot (or maybe not even at all) of her parents in the series.       

    Anyway, I don't know too much about her background, just what I have already stated.  The most powerful attack I have seen is her Mercury Aqua Mirage, and it was only used once (to my knowledge) in Super Sailormoon, or was it in her special movie? I can't remember.  Basically, her attacks are more defensive than offensive.

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Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
American Name: Amy Anderson
Birthday: September 10
Age: 14
Astrological sign: Virgo
Blood type:A
Likes:books, chess
Favorite color: aquamarine
Dislikes:practical jokes
Hobby:reading, chess, computers
Favorite food: sandwiches
Special strengths: smart, strategist,calculating
Least favorite food:yellow-tail tuna (hamachi)
Favorite food: sandwiches
Favorite subject: mathematics
Worst subject: none
Favorite animal: cat
Has trouble with: love letters
Dream: to be a doctor
Favorite gemstone: sapphire

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Mercury Shabon Spray:
This attack is more of a defensive move.  She gathers up some bubbles at her feet, turns in a circle, bring the gathered bubble to her her chest and thrust out both of her arms.  The bubbles spread and makes the situation look blur and covered with mist so that the enemy can't see the scouts.
Mercury Shabon Spray Freezing:
This is a more aggressive attack of the Shabon Spray.  The object/enemy will turn to ice on this attack and then shatter The moves are the same as above.
Mercury Shine Aqua Illusion:
A drop of water lands at her feet and she  turns around in a circle (sorta like the Shabon Spray) while gathering water. The water rushes forward like water would from a firehouse.
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody:

Super Sailor Mercury's attacks. She uses a harp with this attack. I don't know too much exactly what happens.
Mercury Aqua Mirage:

Super Sailor Mercury's special attack. I have seen her do this once, and that was in her special movie.  Basically, a ball of water is made floating above her hand and then she turns in a cricle and drops it into a pool of water below her feet. Water circles about her and then she thurst out her arms.  Many water missiles surges towards the enemy no room for the enemy to maneouver.