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Sailor Mars has the power of fire, corresponding with the planet that she's the princess of. In my opinion, I think she's about the 4th powerful Senshi of all the Senshi. I definately wouldn't want to get burned by her temper!

Anyway, when we are first introduced to Mars, she seems pretty bossy and mean towards Usagi. She feels that she should be the leader instead of Usagi. She has all of the leadership qualities: determined, level-headed, takes the initiative, and she's brave (quite the opposite of Usagi). As the season progresses, we see Rei and Usagi's friendship grow, and they become the best of friends. Rei seems to come through for Usagi the most, and helps her at the most difficult times.

All I know is that she lives with her grandpa in a temple (not sure of the name). When she is at the temple, she is usually cleaning, meditating, or bugging Usagi.   She goes to a different school than the other scouts  when she is in Junior High, but I believe she goes to the same highschool.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  I promise I will get my facts straightened out. :o)

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Birthday: April 17th, 1978
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite colors: red, black
Hobbies: fortune telling
Favorite food: fugu (blowfish)
Least favorite food: asparagus
Favorite Gem Stone: ruby
Favorite subject: ancient writing
Least favorite subject: modern society
Has trouble with: television
Strong points: meditation
Dream: to be a head priestess, singer, model, seiyuu
Height: 5'3"

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Mars Fire Ignite/Fire Soul
She puts her two index fingers together turns around and says "Mars Fire....Ignite!/Fire Soul".  The fire twirls around her index fingers and then hurls towards the enemy.  Let's just say that the enemy gets "toasted" :o) This fire can then be controlled, as a fire stream (standard attack)or it can be used to supplement the attack of other items(specifically, Moon's Tiara).

Anti-evil Sign
This item resembles a small scroll. Usually this is used when Rei has not transferred into Sailor Mars, or if the enemy is tough and she wants to make it easier to defeat the enemey. If it is attached to an enemy, the enemy becomes paralyzed, making them more vulnerable to attack. A funny story about this is that when Rei and Usagi first met, Rei had used this on Usagi because Rei had sensed something evil and had thought Usagi was the source.  Rei totally apologized (well kinda), but Usagi didn't buy it. Needless to say, their friendship had a good start. :o)

Mars Fire-bird Strike/Fire Soul Bird
She says this to create a blast of flame shaped in the form of a fire-bird. This firebird can then fly towards its intended target. I myself haven't seen this used much, so I cna't really go into detail on the attack.

Mars Celestial Fire Surround/Burning Mandala
Rei says this to launch several rings of fire that surround the enemy.  It is sorta like the Mars Ignite/Fire Soul, except that she opens her hands out and the rings of fire crash towards the enemy like missiles.  It is hard to dodge.

Mars Flame Sniper
This is Super Sailor Mars' attack. The fire forms into a bow and arrow and is released like one.  I think this is a cool attack.

Fire Storm:
This is another cool attack. Basically, fire gathers around her as she turns and then in a stance, she throws up her arm and says "Fire Storm". Poof! Instantly the scene is like you were in a forest fire.  Walls of fire surround the enemy.  This is my favorite attack because I think it is powerful.