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     Lita/Makoto is the practical minded Sailor Scout/Senshi. She generally serves as a morale booster (in combat only). She has an independent and strong willed personality.  I believe she is more independant than the other inner scouts because she lives alone.  Her parents had died in airplane crash.
    She is the tallest Inner and the second tallest Senshi (Uranus is taller), this is why her school uniform in Junior High is different: they didn't have one her size. She likes to step up to challenges, and most of the time acts before she thinks.   That gets her into trouble sometimes. :o)
     One thing about Lita is her thing for boys.  She is really boy-crazy, to put it mildly. It seems like there is always a guy that reminds her of her old boyfriend.  Of course, the other scouts groan each time she says this because it is most likely the guy isn't even like her ex-boyfriend.  The thing I have always wondered is, how many ex-boyfriends has she had.
     When she is not gagga-eyeing a boy, she is usually cooking, much to Serena's delight.  She always has enough food for two.  Maybe it is so that a boy will join her and she will have enough for him. Who knows?
     Anyway, she is one fo my favorite scouts due to her powers.  I think that they are quite powerful. My favorites are Oak Revolution and Supreme Thunder Dragon.

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Japanese Name: Kino Makoto
Name Meaning: Wisdom of Trees
Birthday: December 5th
Astrological Sign: Saggitarius
Blood Type: O+
Favorite color: sugar-pink and green
Hobbies: bargain-hunting, cooking
Favorite food: cherry pie
Least favorite food: none
Favorite flower: Lily of the Valley
Best friends: Ken and Serena
Favorite animal: Horse
Favorite gem: Emerald
Favorite subject: Home economics
Least favorite subject: physics
Strong points: cooking, being strong for the team
Fear: Airplanes
Dream: To be a bride, to own a bakery/flower shop
Height: 5'6"

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Jupiter Thunder Crash/Supreme Thunder:
An atenna forms from her tiara and captures the lightning bolts above her head.   The lightning bolts gather in the atenna and then says "Jupiter Thunder Crash/Supreme Thunder".  With her arms crossed, she thrashed them outwards adn lightning hurls towards the enemy. 
Jupiter Thunder Dragon/Supreme Thunder Dragon:

This attack is done like the Thunder Crash/Supreme Thunder except that a lightning Dragon is formed then crashes towards the enemy.  I believe we don't see this attack that often.
Jupiter Thunder Crash Zap/Sparkling Wide Pressure:
I think this attack is cool.  Again, lightning is gathered through Jupiter's antenna.   She draws the lightning into her hands, put them together, then spreads them apart to form an oval shaped lightning bolt.  As if doing a wind up pitch, she uses her right hand to "hold the bolt" brings it back then hurls it (underhand) towards the enemy.  Pretty cool, huh? :o)
Jupiter Oak Evolution:
This is Super Sailor Jupiter's attack.  This is another cool attack.  Once again, lighting is absorbed in the atenna (thought it doesn't look as static, if you get what I mean). She twirls around and some sphere-like objects come spinning forth towards the enemy. I have no other way of how to explain it.